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I need help. Once I tried to login under admin account but the system through me out after accepting a psw. It happens like it checks the psw shows the blue screen and then return to the login window. Meantime I can succesfully log in under another user account. I tried to change psw and login but it doesn't help. The system is friendly accepting the admin psw for all the possible aims but not the login. Before that happend the system was blaiming me for overfulled hard drive. Now I cleaned it but that doens't help. What shall I do, in order to log in, what is wrong?

I have a time machine copy but recovery of admin user folder didn't help. Many thanks in advance for your assistance!

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    You can use the install DVD to reset the password, repair the disk and repair permissions. If you don't have the install DVD you could try the following.


    Print the following and then follow these instructions very carefully - at each stage wait for processes to complete - spaces are important:


    1 - shutdown


    2 - start in single user mode by holding command (Apple key) and S while it starts


    3 - type the following and hit the return key to repair the disk


    /sbin/fsck -fy


    4 - type the following and hit the return key


    /sbin/mount -uw /


    5 - type the following and hit the return key


    rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone


    5 - type the following and hit the return key


    shutdown -h now


    6 - start the Mac


    7 - The above tricks the Mac into thinking it is starting for the first time. Follow the various processes as normal but DO NOT use a name that has been used on the Mac before. It will set up a new admin account without removing existing accounts with different names.


    8 - Use the new admin account


    9 - If necessary enable the root user (see Mac help) to reset passwords on other accounts.

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    Thanks, that helped to arrange a new admin account, but my old account still doesn't work. When I login under it it still through me back to the login window. I've tried to change a login name and the psw but it didn't help, the result was the same. Probably the only one solution is to restore from a time machine copy. But it is really interesting to understand the reason of the above troubles.

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    Have you repaired the disk and permissions?. I would never advise changing the name of an account. Do you use any third party utilities or unusual applications?

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    Yes, I run the repair disk utility and it said that the disk is OK. I've tried to repair the permissions but some of them were not repaired. Honestly I can't remember anything unusual but I've download plenty of photos from my camera and the disk was over booked. Also I've tried to limit the access of my kid to the hard drive and meantime deleted few users that I didn't recognize, with names "unknown" and "everybody".

  • Neville Hillyer Level 4 (1,865 points)

    Removing system files and unrecognised users from OS X  can have unfortunate consequences. You probably now have a damaged OS which cannot be easily repaired.


    I advise:


    1 - back up the whole internal disk to an external disk


    2 - use install DVD to erase the internal disk (I always split mine into at least 2 bootable partitions)


    3 - use install DVD to install a new OS


    4 - update via Software Update


    5 - consider using other hard disks or DVDs for photo storage


    6 - keep children away from your main computer