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I didn't find any way to send my complain! I sent a feedback but I think nobody will answer! I hope any apple staff will read this and help me.


I'm from Saudi Arabia and I bought a new iPad recently and after 2 weeks I realized that the iPad MIC doesn't work. I made some video but there was no sound on this video and when I tried to use Skype my friends couldn't hear me.


The device is guaranteed by Axiom company so I went to the maintenance center and finally they said there is a problem with that device and they gave me an invoice to replace it with a new one from any of their stores. But when I went to their store they said there is no iPad 2 in stock in any of our store! and they asked me to get an iPad 3 but I should pay 550 SR more.


The device was damage since I bought it so that is not my fault and the company should give me same device or an iPad 3 without any more money! Or at least refund my money because I don't want to pay more.


I hope you will response as soon as possible because I already spoke to support and they said that they just take care about US/Canada and Europe customers.



My device serial number: I send it on the feedback



Thank you very much

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1