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Following this blog post:


http://blog.craigharvey.me/2012/09/02/resize-boot-camp-partition-for-free-window s-8/


I resized my Boot Camp partition to give Windows 7 more space.  In Disk Utility on OS X ML, I reduced the size of my OS X partition.  I booted into Windows and did a chkdsk /f.  Then I ran the freeware program to extend the size of the Boot Camp Windows partition to take the unallocated space as its own.


I can boot into OS X fine.

I can boot into Windows 7 fine.

I've run chkdsk /f again on Windows 7 to repair the disk.


The problem is that now I cannot access my Boot Camp partition from OS X like I used to be able to.  Disk Utility shows an unmountable disk0s4 drive instead of "BOOTCAMP".


Can anyone help me regain access to my Boot Camp partition (read only) so that I can copy files from my Windows partition to my OS X partition?


Ideally I would like to avoid deleting the Windows partition and recreating it using Boot Camp Assistant.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion