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I use JAMF's Casper Suite to manage our company's Macs. In this suite there is an application called Self Service that allows users to choose what they want to download from our company's store. After a user has been migrated using these steps, we see this show in the application's log after trying to install something:


Error loading /System/Library/Security/ldapdl.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ldapdl: dlopen(/System/Library/Security/ldapdl.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ldapdl, 262): no suitable image found.  Did find:

/System/Library/Security/ldapdl.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ldapdl: mach-o, but wrong architecture


This is causing the Self Service app to report to the user that their installation failed, eventhough it actually did install successfully. I suspect that it may be caused by the UID changing from a standard 3 digit to a directory based 10 digit number, but I'm not sure. I've verified that the network user is the owner of their home folder (we keep their home folders local, not on the server).


Does anyone have any thoughts on something to try?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)