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I have a large FCE 3.5.1 project that was begun prior to the Apple OS no longer supporting PPC applications. The FCE project uses photos that are located in an iPhoto 5 file. Everything worked fine through OS 10.6, Snow Leopard.


After upgrading to Mountain Lion, I decided to convert the iPhoto LIbrary to a version that could be opened by Mountain Lion. I used iPhoto 8.1.2, the latest version that I have access to. Of course, the iPhoto file had to be converted and the result was a file wherein all of the content was now within a “package” instead of the previous Finder folder. After launching the FCE project, all of the photos were now offline. I could not even “reconnect” them because FCE apparently cannot see within the iPhoto “package.” Even if it could I probably would not want to try to do so due to the very large number of photos involved.


Is there a simple solution to this problem. If not, I will have to revert to the old iPhoto file and boot into a Snow Leopard volume to continue working on my project.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), iPhone 5
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    Your best bet is to go back to your Snow Leopard volume and the old iPhoto file to complete your project.


    The iPhoto Library has changed a number of times over various releases; the latest iteration is a unified library that both iPhoto and Aperture can share.  I have no reason to believe FCE will ever be able to use either the package library or the unified library.  FCE was discontinued over 18 months ago, so no updates and certainly no new features/capabilities.


    An alternative may be to export all the images that you used in the FCE project from your iPhoto 8.1.2 Library to a folder on your hard drive; then try reconnecting media to the exported images.

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    MartinR wrote:


      I have no reason to believe FCE will ever be able to use either the package library or the unified library.


    I was afraid of that. Thanks for the confirmation.