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I just updated to iTunes 11 and when I plugged my iPad it, iTunes informed me that...


iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPad. Go to the Summary tab in iPad preferences and click Restore to restore this iPad to factory settings.


I'm not worried about the apps as I know I can re download them.  What I'm concerned about are the number of apps that I have data in that I changed over the past week but did not yet sync with the computer.


Is there some problem with the iTunes and iPad that I'm not aware of?  I'm going to hold off SYNCING as I'm not yet ready to reset my apps.


Currenlty I'm not real happy with prediciment as it reminds me of why I left all Microsoft products behind.  Well, as many as I possibly could.


Apple products work.


Thanks for your help.


MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 2.2 IntelCore2Duo / 4 GB 667DDR2