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I just bought a samsung galaxy Ace 2 and I am climbing the wall trying to sync with my maxbook pro (os 10.6.8).

Tried sync mate but the phone is not supported.


Tried syncing via google - that's what everyone seems to recommend:

I only want to sync contacts (no big problems so far) and ical ( 2 or 3 seperate calanders)

I set up the syncing ok, but then google calenders did a wierdy 'delegate' thing where it duplicated all my calenders.  some of them sync with my phone, some sync with the computer.... some calander evets disappear, some are duplicated....


PLEASE HELP!!  How can I either get rid of the delegate / duplication nonsense, or (better) find an alternative way of syncing the phone and the computer???? It really shouldn't be this hard.....