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if my iPone is acting up (not texting all the time) should I take it back to the store? It is less than 3 weeks old.

If I reboot it will then send it out a new text, most of the time. Yesterday I was trying to text both siblings, I had to finally send them out separate and they went.

How do I know if its the phone or an AT&T problem?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, Windows Vista
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    Text or iMessage?


    Try Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

    If that does not resolve, contact the carrier.  SMS is a carrier feature, they may be experiencing network issues.

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    I stopped by an AT&T kiosk yesterday in the mall. He told me the reason I cannot text two poeple at a time is due to my turning off my Cell Data.  I keep it turned off unless I am using it. I have had things download or whatever it does and run me out of data.  I just switched to Family Share plan I hope this helps my data problem, but I am still keeping it turned off unless I am using it.

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    Texting does not use data.

    iMessage does use data.


    So the question is still, are you trying to text or send an iMessage to these individuals?

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    Hmmm what is the difference?  I am clicking on a icon that is green and with a white bubble says messages  I hate sounding like an idiot, but I had no idea.  The Rep at the AT&T kiosk said it doesnt really use any data but the celluar data needs to be on when sending or receiving photos and more than one person. It does sound odd, but my daughter sent me a pic of the grandchildren Sunday night, I did not get it until yesterday when I turned on the cell data, even though I have wifi at home and play games and text at home. It will not text two people from home either even though my wifi is working well on the phone.  What do you think? A defective phone?

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    I researched iMessage and messages, this is what I found. So I turned off iMessage on my phone and it still wont send to two people on my wifi. 


    An iMessage is similar to a standard SMS text message. However, it is transmitted via the new iMessage service in iOS 5, instead of through your wireless phone carrier. The messages application in your iPhone can send both iMessages, and SMS text messages. You can tell which is being sent, becasue iMessages are blue, and standard SMS text messages are the same green color you are used to. You can enable or disable iMessage in the message settings in iOS 5.


    If you have iMessage enabled, your iPhone will automatically switch back and forth between iMessage and SMS depending on i) whether you have an active wifi or 3G data connection, and ii) whether the individual you are messaging also has a device that supports, and has enabled iMessage.


    If you send an iMessage, you will not incurr a charge from your wireless carrier like you would for a typical SMS text message.

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    I turned on my cell data and the message went right out.  I am also having trouble retriving voicemail, when the cell data turned off. Does data need to be turned on for voicemail too?

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    You are close to understanding the issue, hopefully this will help clarify everything.


    Text (SMS) messages are text only.  No attached pictures or files.  These messages are sent via the cellular network and appear as green bubbles in the messaging app.  No data access is required for SMS messages.


    MMS messages can contain files like pictures and require cellular data access.  They will not send via Wi-Fi.  The text portion of these messages also appears as a green bubble in the messaging app.


    iMessage is an Apple proprietary format for communicating with other Apple users/devices.  These require data (cellular or Wi-Fi) and can be text only or contain pictures.


    Voicemail, specifically visual voicemail, requires cellular data access.

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    OK, so if I an texting another person who has an iPhone it will automatically be an iMessage?  Am I understansing that correctly?    Is there a way for me to determine which kind of a message I am sending? Or wait, is this correct?  If sending to two or more people OR sending or receiving a photo via text, it has to be on Celluar data?


    Gosh thank you for all your time and being patient with me. 

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    If your Send button is green you are sending an SMS or MMS message. If it is blue it is and iMessage.


    If you send to a group of people who do not have iPhones, or it is a mix of people with and without iPhones, it will be sent as an MMS. On the iPhone you cell data plan is used if you send via MMS.