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I have a very anoying thing in school. to avoid us accesing facebook in school we have a proxy server set up. at home i don't and don't want one anyway. My problem was that i had to change the setings on the 'WI-FI' service under network preferences. Instead i now have a service called 'School' whitch is exactly the same as 'WI-FI' but with the proxy service. Now this service is always on, when i get to school i have to open network prefernces and "make service inactive'" to the 'WI-FI' service.

What i wanted to do was to make a program on Automator that whould run a terminal code whitch whould switch off the 'WI-FI' service on the network prefernces. is this possible? i know i can switch off the whole airport but i don't want that, and i know it can be done with bluetooth, so it has to be possible...


any ideas?

MacBook, iOS 6.0.1, proxy: