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My IPhone has been great, have had it for about a year, dropped it once ages ago but it has a bulky case on it so no damage. Recently its been acting up the screen will randomly go green and kind of glitch back to the page it was on and stay on the green. If I press the lock button and then press it again the screen will be black, but on as you can see it glow. This has happened about 5 times now and I've hard reset it each time (held sleep and home button for 10secs), which made it go back to normal, but then it will happen again! Have reset from backup and am thinking about reseting completely but I don't really want to lose everything!

Checked the diagnostics and usage, no panic logs, just ResetCounter ones from all of the hard resets!

There are lots of things about this out there but none of them seem to have any permanent solutions.. I live in New Zealand so a Genious bar isn't an option and my warantee has expired as I've had my phone over a year.


If anyone can help I'd be very grateful!



iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1