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  • Superstitch Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here. I have 717 Iphone 4 and now in State College

  • nanu57v Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I called AT&T and they are aware of the issue.  They said it may be related to an upgrade they did.  Said it wasn't effecting anything.  They are resetting my network settings and said it usually goes away after that.


    I am in Central PA and picked up "Dan" in both Lock Haven and Reedsville.

  • TabathaP Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I reset my network settings myself on my phone, is that the same as them doing it? Because when I reset it nothing happened. So were not being hacked into? Is my phone safe to be turned on?

  • Omomma2811 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I'm a rep at an AT&T store in Illinois and just had a 717 customer come in. All you need is a SIM replacement and it will eliminate the issue. Good luck, guys!

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    Called 611 with AT&T. They connected me to Apple, who sent me back to AT&T. One hour on phones total, hard reset, reset all settings, and reset network. None worked, and nobody knew what was going on. Each rep talked with their managers, too.


    Oh, and nobody believed me that this was happening to other people. It's all over twitter an pd Facebook, and, obviously, their own support forums!


    And, I'm in the 717, too.

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    I'm awaiting an answer from Apple. AT&T customer care forwarded me to Apple Care. I'm trying to give them any useful info Incan pick up from your guys posts that might help. I'm 717 Harrisburg as well. They have me on hold for a senior management person...

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    717 here, old samsung freebie, "Dan" for maybe 2 hours now. same for another cell i checked.

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    so do we assume the dan network is not secure and keep the phones off till a replacement sim card is obtained?

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    That is exactly what I did to fix it too. Thanks for posting!

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    I am 717 as well in the Boston area, just noticed this in the last hour... I can't imagine we would all need to replace our sim cards..

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    Well, my Dan did not actually go away after network reset.  I concur...I can't believe we would all need new sim cards.  The nearest store is 60 miles round trip...not feeling like spending 3 gallons of gas for Dan.

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    I have a 3G, 717 area code and live in Arizona. I'm now rockin with the Dan network.  I called AT&T and they are aware of the problem and working on it.  Don't you find this ironic that the ceo of Sprint is Dan Hesse?

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    Everyone-I tried the network settings reset that you can do through your iPhone and have had no change. I see that someone else is having the same thing Happen with a Samsung phone, so this apparently is not an Apple issue. I will keep trying things and looking for info on this.

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    This doesn't appear to be an Apple problem, as someone with a Samsung device has reported the same issue. Seems to be affecting phones within the 717 area code, even if they are not currently located in the area.

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    I have a 3GS, in Camp Hill, PA with a 717 area code. My network says "Dan" as well. My wife has a 4GS, but her network says "Verizon". I turned mine off until I can speak to someone at the local AT&T. Very strange.