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    I figured it out people... Thanks to putting all these replies together and using knowledge iv gotten selling everyone iPhones in the Harrisburg area. Everyone is having an issue has an old SIM card. Why everyone with 4s+ doesn't have the issue. Get the new micro SIM card and you'll be fine. Corrected if I'm wrong.

  • Boringj Level 1 (0 points)

    How are 3GS users supposed to do that? The slot accepts the older SIM and the tray it sits in is made to fit the old SIM.

  • DpG06 Level 1 (0 points)

    Nice...seems a little strange we all need new sim cards but appreciate it getting figured out. Way to pull together everyone! Its nice to see that the people are all over who/what controls there personal information and property i dig it

  • Boringj Level 1 (0 points)

    Nobody with a 3GS has resolution!! That model is designed for the older SIM; unless there is a retrofit SIM tray for it, a new SIM is not a good fix for anything 3GS and older.

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    How could this possibly be a sim card issue? You are talking about users with a specific area code spread all over the country with an array of cellphone models and iterations. While the newest models may not be affected, I cannot imagine that as of whenever this afternoon, AT&T declined to support older technologies, particularly since they were unaware of it. I hate to think it, but I am afraid this is much more insidious than an equipment failure.

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    This could be something as simple as a software engineer whose name is Dan, is testing an upgrade has us in a test region that he named Dan.  He will probably be fired it he morning.

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    Friend that got tier 2 support from AT&T received a ping with phone turned off and it was resolved. We are just peons, apparently.

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    I live in MD but have a 717 number and noticed the same thing on my iphone 4 fiance has a 570 number and an iphone 4 also but hers still sasy ATT

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    Same thing with my iphone. I'm on the phone with tech support, and they said it's a network issue. They got my phone back to ATT 3G, but will have no internet access. They have no idea when I will be able to use the internet though.

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    I agree that it could be a test group or they are running software upgrades to specific 3G / 4G profiles in the provisioning system.  I am in the 717 area code as well with AT&T and a 3GS. Looks like The issue is isolated to these specific sets of phones.  I'm happy to be in the Steely Dan network for a change!!  We shall find out in the morning, or will this be the start of a Fire Sale?

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    As long as my phone doesn't say OBAMA in the morning, I'm ok....

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    You're a moron, what a pointless thing to say on a forum about phone issues.

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    Fortunately this is pretty much an overnight problem to start with. If it is not resolved by morning then AT&T needs to have some real answers for this. It doesn't seem to affect anything other than consumer confidence, which should be a major concern to them. Guess we'll find out!

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    We all must have something in common in our profile...

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    Hopefully it is a network or software upgrade issue.  A more nefarious possibiity is hacking by folks associated with the anarchist, anti-globalization group, Direct Action Network or . . . DAN.   No, I'm not a conspiracy nut and I have no knowledge that this is the case.  Interesting speculation, though.

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