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Recently bought a Mac Air, and needed an Ethernet/USB adaptor to get online.  The only one I found locally has a disc to download drivers for it.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered this pos has no disc slot.  So now I cant get online, and I can't get the driver installed to help me get online.  Is there a way around this mess?  I didn't buy a laptop to have to carry around a lot of extraneous gear, so if I can't find a way to resolve this, I am going back to my old reliable PC that does everything in itself.

MacBook Air
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    Hi daydreamer2, MacBook Air has never had an optical drive. I use an access point connected via ethernet to my cable modem for WiFi. My choice is Airport Extreme. Using a Win 7 PC now that does not have an optical drive.

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    Hello again daydreamer, I just checked the online store. Apple offers the adapter you needed for $29.  Hope that helps.

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    Thank you, it does help, but I think this will be my first, last and only experience with Apple.  My wife just retired from teaching and wanted an Apple of her own, but gosh, this has been complicated.  Love my PC, and I can repair and build them for myself.  Thanks again!!!

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    You're welcome, daydreamer2, it is a little frustrating to move from one operating system to another. I remember the first Windows XP notebook I bought. There was a combination of user inexperience/error and hardware issues. It was RMA'd twice in the first 90 days. All was resolved eventually but I was not happy at first. I use both Win and OS X but I am a Mac user at heart. Just got a new MBA on Black Friday. I love it!  There were a few small things that I needed to learn. The trackpad was a little tricky for me at first. I think I got it now. I did need to do a few things on Win 7 until I was more comfortable with Mountain Lion.


    You can build a PC, wow. I am really impressed. My troubleshooting expertise begins and ends with "is it plugged in?"  People on this forum are very helpful. Please come back and post with any issues that present. Hopefully you will at least be comfortable using the MBA.


    Good luck!