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I have a college alumni group forwarding address which I have attahced to my me.com account.  I added me the college email address as an alias to my iCloud account in Preferences on MacMail . But it still won't allow me to send email as the alias address. I get the server error message everytime. Again, this is not an alias I created through the iCloud (where you are given 3 aliases to use) but a seperate forwarding email address which I would like to be able to respond to people from occasionally instead of me.com or icloud.com addresses.  Is this possible? What steps am I missing?


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    Hmmmm, not sure, but soounds like you need to send it from the .me/.icloud account, but set your Reply To adrdess to that other eMail addy.

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    So they would see the me.com email address in the "From" section, but if they hit reply it would be the Alumni.edu address that comes up their "To" field?  Doable for sure, though an annoying workaround and dubious if it would be as easy on an ipad or iphone.  Thanks for the response. Would love to hear an official "NO it's impossible to use an alias to send from", otherwise I'll keep hope alive!