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I currently have an iPhone 5 and have tried 2 different bluetooth headsets with it. Both of them have a noticeable lag or a/v sync issue. My previous iPhone 4 had no issues. The video content is stored on my iPhone 5 (not streaming) and plays fine when using wired headphones, but with bluetooth there is a big lag in the audio and it makes watching video on it with bluetooth headphones unbearable!!


The 2 bluetooth headphones I have tried are the Motorola S9 and currently the Plantronics BackBeat GO.


Anyone else have this problem or know a solution?

This seems to be an iPhone 5 problem!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
  • Monte Miller Level 1 (15 points)

    I have the same audio/video sync issue with my new iPhone 5, also on 2 different models of bluetooth headsets. A Sony DB-22 headset that synced perfectly with my iPhone 4, had a problem with the audio/visual sync with my iPhone 5. Thinking it was the newer hardware of the iPhone 5, I bought a new Jabra HALO2 headset but the issue persists. This appears to be a software issue.


    My iPhone 5 is fully up to date with iOS 6.0.1 (10A525), and I sync to my iTunes library almost every day.

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    Same here... I have a jawbone headset. The audio is delayed by about 1/2s – both, when watching video or listening audio, and when normal system sounds are played (like keyboard clicks).

    I noticed that sometimes (very rarely) the system sounds aren'd delayed and play fine but haven't figured out when yet.


    I tried the same headset on a mac, where it played fine.

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    I have the exact same problem with my new top of the line Parrot Ziks with three different iOS6 devices. Tried resetting and impairing with no success. The delay is a deal breaker for watching movies or playing games over BT.


    I don't remember having this problem with my defunct Nokia headphones back in the day of iOS 5.

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    Same thing happens with with my Jawbone Era and iPhone 5 6.0.2. The delay is less after I pause the video, switch the audio to iPhone speakers, then switch back to Bluetooth. I don't have any audio sync issues when I use the Era with an iPad mini.

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    Same issue here with Motorola S10-HD headset.  Really annoying.  Sound comes out perfectally with internal speaker and headphones hooked into the headphone jack. 

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    I have the same issue with the BackBeat Go from Platronics.  It works fine on a laptop but on the iphone5 with the latest image it still has an issue with video.  I guess I can't tell from the audio but video its like 500ms to 1sec delay.  Anyone have a fix?

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    I have had this problem since day one with the iPhone 5. Never had the problem with my iPhone 4.


    I have noticed, if you go to the home screen, then lock your phone. It seems to fix the problem once you unlock it again. I have only tested this once, but after watching a movie on a plane the other day, it had gotten worse and worse the longer I watched the movie. I got frustrated and locked my phone. The lock sound was delayed by almost a full second. When I unlocked it, it was in sync again!

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    Leave it locked for a good 10s and it should work. Just tested it again.

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    I have the same headphones and the same problem  


    The delay is simply AWFUL, it's almost impossible to watch a video or play a game.... whats the problem??

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    I too have this problem. Anyone know how to get this issue promoted so Apple notices it? Seems like a simple enough thing to fix if they wanted to. How can I help them want to fix this?

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    So I called and called and supposedly the escalated but never heard back.  I bought the Jaybird JF3s and they work fine.  iPhone with car bluetooth is also out of sync for video and almost everything I tried.  The Jaybird JF3s have been good for the past 2 months.  The locking never helped me though.

  • Bxscig Level 1 (0 points)

    So the Apple engineers and I guess 2nd level or 3rd level techs said it is the processing of the bluetooth headsets that doesnt processing it fast enough or what not.  I didnt believe really but then for some reason the Jaybird JF3s work so it must have some truth.  I tried 4 different ones before I found the JF3s which ended up working in sync.

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    I have JF3s and still have the problem. Try watching a 2 hour movie and it will lose sync. Not only that, I also lose connection the the headphone when I go from listening to music to typing a text after stoping the music.

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    That is likely to be the case, but stil doesn't explain why the Backbeat GO works fine with the Galaxy S of a friend of mine, and with my iMac too...


    And why the "locking" helps a lot in my case? If it's only an headset BT chip problem I shouldn't have any improvements by locking and unlocking the phone!

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