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Baylouz Level 1 (0 points)

After Downloading Itunes 11, New episodes downloaded no longer appear on the apple TV.


With Itunes 10, everytime i download a new episode in itunes, i could choose Apple Tv from Devices, and click on sync (would serve as a refresh), and with my home sharing, i was able to see the new episode on my tv and watch


With Itunes 11, i can no longer click on sync without applying any modification, and even after modification, my new episode still doesn't show.

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  • Jesus Garza Level 1 (15 points)

    I upgraded to iTunes 11 last night and was panicking for a while when I couldn't find the 'Sync' button in the Apple TV panel, and the 'Apply' button seemed to be permanently disabled. I realized that if I went to any of the tabs (Music, Movies, TV Shows...) and made a change, the 'Apply' button turned on and allowed me to sync. I'm hoping I won't have to do this every time, though; I'm subscribed to several TV Show season passes and would not want to have to manually select the new episodes every time they come in order to copy them to the Apple TV!


    Also, a tip: Before you do any of this, you may want to turn off 'Show iCloud Purchases' in your iTunes Settings, otherwise you may get vey long lists of TV episodes that are probably not in your local iTunes Library.


    Will report back...

  • Jesus Garza Level 1 (15 points)

    From another thread: In the View menu, click on "Show Sidebar", then right-click on the Apple TV in the sidebar, and in the pop-up menu you'll see a "Sync" option.

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    Thank you


    That is exactly what i was hoping.


    Thanks a miilion, have a great one!!

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    When I right click, the only options are "Turn Off Streaming" and "Copy Serial Number".

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    Same issue.  I can't find a way to "synch" iTunes 11 with my Apple TV 1st Gen.  When I right click on "Turn Off Streaming", the Apple TV disappears from my list of devices.  I'll try reconnecting.

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    HELP! I also cannot sync anything except photos - I don't see any options on the right click in the sidebar other than "turn off streaming" and the only "tab" I get is Settings or Photos.

  • Z42 Level 1 (0 points)

    I solved my problem by deleting all the shared library and other connections from the Apple TV, then clicked on the connect to itunes library.   When I entered the code in my iMac with iTunes 11, I was able to sync from iTunes 11 to my Apple TV (1st generation).