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this is my first go around dealing with Mac computers. I just moved out and I was given A G3 I guess, its all one peice with a CD drive in the front. Its clear blue and clearish white. Since it was given to me all I really got was the mouse the keyboard and the computer itself. I want to restore it to factory settings. I was not however given a recovery disk to do this with. Is there any way that I cna find one (such as Ebay or something like that) or can I do it without one? Any input would be a plus. Thanks!!!


Imac (power Pc g3), Mac OS 9.2.x
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    That would be a G3 B/W. if you have no recovery disc, I'd recommend looking on Ebay for an OS 8.6 disc, or an OS 9.0, 9.1, or 9.2.1 disc on ebay or another source. Good Luck.

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    There are lots of gray or orange discs out there -- they are for one specific mac and will only contain the right software if they are for a Blue & White G3 (so, gray emac discs will not work for you). You want what is called a "Full Retail" CD, which contains the software for any Mac.
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    Just a thought. Your notes indicate that you have an "Imac (power Pc g3) Mac OS 9.2.x". School districts buy them in bulk and typically have a cupboard full of the install CDs. When they get rid of the computers, they forget to give away the CDs with the machine. So, there are lots of install CDs out there. If you are seriously into tinkering with computers of all makes and models, you will want the full retail version of which Grant speaks. However, if this is your first exposure to a Mac, you can save yourself some money by getting one of those orange disks for free or at a reduced rate. The point is to not spend money on eBay on an install CD that does not match your machine. A full retail CD means that you do not have to be careful in purchasing a match to your model computer.

    Restoring your computer to factory settings means that you also need to pay attention to updates that have been added that you are now about to erase.

    Another thought to consider is how to backup your data. Reinstalling the original software will not get rid of the prior owner's data. Nor will having the factory CD give you a way to restore your data. Having a CD burner will allow you to back up your system and data from your hard drive. Chances are that you do not have a burner built-in but it is worth checking Apple System Profiler on your computer, look under 'devices.' to see what you have.

    If you really want a clean slate, you will want to initialize the drive - wipe it clean - and start over. This can be done by starting the computer from the CD and then the hard drive can be erased.

    Post back with more details or questions.

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    I'm not sure which factory settings you want to restore. Erasing the HD & reinstalling the System files and applications would be the most comprehensive way. However, since you didn't get the Mac's software install CDs, another means can be used. It will restore many, but probably not all settings.

    First, reset the Mac's CUDA. See Mac PRAM, NVRAM, CUDA/PMU & Battery Tutorial

    Second, trash the following Preference files & reboot.

    Mac OS

    Third, review the individual Preference files in the System/Preference folder. Trash any that you want to (Mouse, monitor, Display, TCP/IP, etc.) & reboot.

    Don't worry about trashing Preference files, as new (default) ones will be created.

    Cheers, Tom
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    Thanks guys!! you have really helped me...I backed up all of my important stuff onto a seagate external hard drive so I have all of it when I need it. Thanks!!


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    Glad you have an external drive.

    Keep in mind that you can burn a CD with what I call a 'Poloroid Picture' of your system with all your printer drivers and preferences. Toast will let you make it a bootable copy so if your hard drive dies, you can 'get back to yesterday' without reinstalling all your software from scratch.

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    Go to eBay and buy an OSX.3 retail CD set.

    There's no reason to put OS9 on it if you don't have experience with it or a reason to run it. Just make sure to have AT LEAST 256mb of RAM, though more would be better.