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I downloaded the migration thing on my other laptop and everything, I clicked to tranfer my documents and music and everything and it took around 2 hours but when it was done, nothing was changed

I've gone into music and documents and pictures and iTunes and everything on this mac but yeah it's not here

I have no idea what went wrong? I'm hesitant to do it again because I dont want to end up finding it and having duplicates of everything since i have like 500 songs and yeah that would be super inconvenient

I legit bought this max yesterday and I'm new to them oh god I dont know what's going on I feel so technologically disabled

Mac Pro
  • Glenn Leblanc Level 6 Level 6

    I suspect you transfered your old user account with migration assistant instead of setup assistant when you first logged into the computer. You probably are not logged into the user account your transfered your data from. Open Systen Preferences and go to the Users & Groups tab. See if you have any other users listed there. You will probably need to log out of the current user and into the user account that you transfered.

  • isabob Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah I didn't do it when i first logged on, I did do it afterwards, and I used the whole migration assistant

    But no, I dont have any other users

    I only transferred a few things; it was only the group of "My" things; "My Photos, My Videos, My Music" etc.

    All I wanted was my music to be honest haha

    But yeah, there's no other users on this computer, there's the Guest user but that's it :/

  • Glenn Leblanc Level 6 Level 6

    Well then, I can't really say what happened. With migration assistant, you can't transfer a user account to the same user id you are logged into on the new computer. That's how I remember it anyway. So, it seems that if anything transfered, you should have more than one user on the computer.

    Maybe double check the user folder on the hard drive to be sure. Check the size of the music and picture folder to verify nothing is there.