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after some time researching the web and reviewing U Tube I cannot really answer the question 'does a (say) 16 ch digital mixer with a USB/FW link allow one to mix 16 ch on L9 from the mixer's faders?'


Can anyone adise?

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    Logic supports many leading hardware control surfaces with little or no setup. See the Logic Pro 9 Control Surfaces Support manual for details on supported devices and individual configuration directions.

    (With thanks to Logic Pro 9 Advanced Music Production  by David Dvorin)


    Good luck!


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    It depends on the Mixer and it's included software. The mixer has to be bulit to double as a "controller", that is... the Faders send out signals via MIDI or discrete USB/Firewire that can be interpreted by Logic's built-in control surfaces or controller software that integrates with Logic.


    Also, Mixers with USB often only have stereo IN and stereo OUT audio channels. Some Mixers could have 8 or 16 audio I/O channels, they will be more expensive.

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    And I'm quite sure all Yamaha mixers from the DM range support it.