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I have erased my Time Capsule in order to restart my Time Machine backup.  When I open Time Machine it is showing a previous backup time.  But seeing this is a brand new Time Machine why would it show the previous backup time?  There should be no backup time.


Is there a something else I need to reset in order for Time Machine to think it has never made a backup?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I don't think the TM showing the time has anything to do with you erasing a backup. It merely shows the last time you backed up. You didn't reset the TM data files. I wouldn't worry about that.


    If the TCapsule has been erased and you are ready to backup to it, then open TM preferences and select the disk to back up to and start a backup.

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    In addition: To clarify a point:

    TM backs up every hour unless you manually turn it on and off. If the hour elapses since your last backup and you didn't reselect the backup disk and set your options in TM preferences, you will get an error that it can find your backup disk since you erased it.


    Resetting everything as I said will point it the the new backup disk destination. It will do a full backup and take some time. After that, the next backup will be incremental and only take a few minutes.

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    Thanks for this last point.  However I was able to start the backup before the hour was up.  It is doing the full backup as reported by the TM Backup status window.


    So I  would expect the backups to be back on track.


    Thanks for your help.