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I have been using an ancient airport wireless set up (the flying saucer version) for a number of years, quite successfully. Today I finally caved and decided to upgrade to a new Airport Extreme base station.  The set up went fine, I was able to find and connect all my devices (MacBook Air, iPhone 4S, iPad, and iPhone 3GS) to the new base station network.  However, the connection to the Internet is not working.  The cable modem is connected to the Airport, and I have repowered all the devices a few times, with no luck.   If I disable the new base station and reconnect the modem to the old airport, everything works fine, so the modem and internet connection appear operational, and able to connect to an airport - just not the new one.  Any suggestions?

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    You may not be aware that it often takes 30 minutes or more for a cable modem to completely reset....despite what your ISP might tell you.


    Otherwise, the modem stays "associated" to the previous device and will not "recognize" and issue a new valid IP address.....likely the exact problem that you are experiencing.


    Power off the modem by pulling the power cable from the back of the device or from the wall AC jack

    Pull the internal battery on the modem if it is easily accessible

    Power off everything else on the network


    Wait at least 30 minutes....longer will not hurt at all. Some ISPs take up to 2 hours to fully reset the connection.


    After the wait period, reinstall the modem battery if it was pulled previously.

    Power up the modem and let it run for 5 minutes by itself

    Power up the AirPort Extreme and let it run for 5 minutes

    Power up each network device one at a time about a minute apart


    Check the network


    If you are still having issues, it will be necessary to perform a Hard Reset on the AirPort Extreme by holding the reset button in for 9-10 seconds and then letting the AirPort restart.


    Then, repeat the entire process again.

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    Thanks you very much!