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I cannot load raw files from a Leica d-lux 6.  Aperture says it's an unsupported file.  How do I get it to be a supported file?  Help, please!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.1), Also use a MacBook Pro
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    What is your Aperture version? Here is the list of supported raw formats for Aperture 3, see: Apple - Aperture - Technical Specifications - RAW Support


    Your camera is not on the list. Use the software that came with your camera to convert your raw files to dng or tiff images; then you can import the images into Aperture and work with them, while waiting for Apple to release raw support for your camera. Or shoot raw+jpeg pairs and use the jpeg while you are waiting.


    Is Mac OS X (10.5.1) really your current operating system? Then you may need to upgrade, when Apple finally releases raw support for your camera. The newest raw support required Aperture 3.4. to be installed.




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    Thanks awfully, Leonie, you've been most helpful!



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    Actually my iPhoto '11 is giving me the same problems for my Leica D-LUX 6 - unable to read my RAW files.

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    Right because RAW file decoding is a system level function in OS X. All Apple programs that access RAW files use the same code.