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The touch control on the screen edge isn't sensitive.Is there something wrong with the hardware of my IT5

iPod touch, iOS 6.0.1
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    Try #2 and #3 in link below. If neither work, your screen digitizer could be bad.


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    Some topics covered
    -Basic troubleshooting steps
    -Hard reset instructions
    -Manual restore instructions
    -Hardware troubleshooting
    -Preventive Maintenance
    -Anti-theft & recovery tips
    -Battery-saving tips
    -Repair options
    -Contacting Apple





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    I just bought a iPod 4th gen and had an issue with the bottom of the screen.  I had to press harder at the bottom to get it to work.  I had it in a military grade protective case.  Removed the case and the issue went away.  I carefully reinstalled the case making sure nothing was binding.  FIXED!!!  <>< Jeff