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I am stuck.


I am new to mac, I have a wamp development area on my win7 machine and I transfered everything over.  I went through the process of setting up my dev area on the mac.  I follow http://akrabat.com/computing/setting-up-php-mysql-on-os-x-10-8-mountain-lion/ tutorial step by step and everything went fine.  I was able to server pages and get to my sites I had transfered over. 


I then had some file permission errors so I went searching around for answers.


I ran $ dscacheutil -flushcache      from the terminal window to reset some setting I had made and now nothing works.  I of course cannot find the site I was on in the history to remeber what I was doing or try and back track.


I installed the websharing pluging by "tyler" http://clickontyler.com/ and it was also working fine but now I cannot get it to restart. It stays red when I turn it on.  The PHP is a green light.


I have change the httpd.conf file out and replaced it with the original and still no restart. 


Everything looks installed correctly when I do $ httpd -v from the terminal I get

Server version: Apache/2.2.22 (Unix)

Server built:   Aug 28 2012 17:47:11


When I do $sudo apachectl graceful I don't get any errors

When I do $sudo apachectl start  It tells me it is already running.  But I cannot server pages.


When I run this from the terminal window, I sometimes get back a Webprocess returned and sometimes not. 

$ sudo lsof -i -P | grep 80


webprocess 389 (a bunch of other #s) :80


I dont get httpd # (a bunch of other #'s):80  which I think I should get. 


Any help would be appriacted!!

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)