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Hey, so, I haven't updated from 10.7 because of the lack of cover flow and all the reported problems with searching large libraries; I have 2TB of movies, tv shows and music stored in iTunes which I enjoy browsing on my tv using cover flow. However, I am interested to know whether or not Apple has *finally* updated the video metadata options to include Director, Cast, Screenwriter, Sequel, etc. Have they?

iPhone 4S, Other OS
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    yup! i use iflicks to grab all metadata. im in the same boat. ive got a whole 2TB drive filled up.
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    Nice. Are you having having any trouble with the dearch lagging because of the size of your library?

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    not at all. i acutally love the new itunes because of all my existing meta data for tv and movies. the only problem i have overall with the new itunes is that for season artwork, it keeps season 1 displaying always. its just a bug, from what ive read on here and other places. im sure it will be fixed soon. the artwork for other seasons are still there, they just dont display in the new album view properly. soon though im sure.

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    Just wondering if you have got an Apple TV as well as I'm having an issue with TV shows on it that you might know about

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    yeah i have the latest apple tv. but i havent had any issues really with the update.

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    Just to check.....I assume if you have 5 series of a TV show they all come up under one album/icon in iTunes?

    When you look at your Apple TV - select computers - select your library - select tv shows - do TV shows that you have multiple series come up under one heading or are the series listed separately?


    Mine are all separate so ive got let say the big bang theory listed 5 times for each series and I'm not sure if that's normal or not :-/

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    thats normal :-)


    my old apple tv (i still have the old dinosaur 1st gen in my bedroom) sorts them the way you want. it lists just Big Bang, you click it, and it would show you one long list of all your episodes. personally, i like how theyre all sorted out now by listing each season. MUCH easier to find things. especially if you have lots of full seasons of shows.

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    Awesome, thanks :)