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Hello everybody. I just installed a new Air Port Express into my audio system with the sole objective of streaming music from my iPhone 4s. I connected the Air Port Express through an ethernet cable straight to the switch and disabled any Wi-Fi functionality at the configuration –which, at the end– approved the process. Wi-Fi broadcasting is taking place through a Luxul 1030 gate way. The problem is that I’m not seeing the Air Play logo at the music app when playing a song at the iPhone.

What I’m doing wrong? Does the Airport Express need to be connected to the home network through its Wi-Fi functionality or maybe something else I’m not seeing? Thanks a lot, in advance…

Air Port Express, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    The Express must be configured with the following guidelines:

    Connect via ethernet

    Bridge Mode

    Create a Wireless Network

    Allow this network to be extended

    Use the same name and password and security type as the wireless network from the router

    This should allow the iPhone and iTunes to see the Express and allow you to play your music