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My iPod is a 3rd generation used iPod I bought at Gamestop this past January. At first, it was working great, but roughly around August and September did it start it's annoying "voice control" thing along with it messing with the headphone jack. I think I destroyed the jack, and maybe have broken something inside after toying with it repeatedly to get it to work, but all my iPod is good for now is a paper weight and for the apps. I can't listen to a song with out it going to voice control, or the headphone jack fizzing in and out. I've gone through maybe three pairs of headphones trying to get it to work properly and headphones aren't the cheapest things ever. My ipod is up to date, I've had to reset it constantly, week after week it seems like, but nothing seems to fix the problem. I'm getting so infuriated, that I might just break down to purchase a new one, or to give up on it completely and revert back to the iPod nanos. At least those didn't give me any issues when I used it.

iPod touch, iOS 5.0.1