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Hi all,


I have a 5month old macbook pro and have had wireless connection issues for months now.


My connection will drop less than 3 mins into use, requiring me to turn off wifi or renew DHCP lease or restart and zap PRAM.


I have had this problem right the way through 10.7 so I thought I would 'upgrade' to 10.8 but I have wasted my money as it hasnt gone away.


It doesnt matter what wifi network I use it has the same issues.


I have changed the channel of my router and checked all the settings to make sure there is minimum interference from other networks.


I have also changed the packet size to 'magic' 1453


The only way I can keep the connection alive is to use a constant ping in terminal.


(yes I have rebooted my router SEVERAL TIMES)


Any other suggestions?


Has any one started a petition for this yet?


Ive noticed that imac users have managed to downgrade their wireless driver to solve the issue, has any one managed this for the macbook yet?


I have to say this macbook has been the slowest most unreliable mac I have owned yet. I wish I hadnt got rid of my 21 inch white imac. That used to work twice as fast with only half the processor and half the ram!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)