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Help! I'm a college student studying abroad and of course it's finals week and my Internet wont work. I've been using a virgin media router for the last two months and it has worked fine, woke up this morning and my macbookpro had full bars on the airport but wouldn't load webpages. My iPhone does the same thing. I've read through forums and tried the following:


Turning laptop on and off several times

Turning airport on and off several times

Turning off the router several times

Deleting my network and adding it again

(Both as a WPA and WEP)

Flushed the DNS cache

Added caches in under settings such as

Reset DHCP for a new IP address

Changed the channel in router settings

Plugged in Ethernet cable-nothing happened


When I try to run the network diagnostics tool on Mbp the Internet and server both "fail". I'm not sure what else to try..

Again, this is on my phone too so I am thinking it may be something with the ISP? On my phone now, thank heavens for 3G

MacBook Pro, iOS 6