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I have been having issues with recording midi on garage band. I have a roland fp-4 e-piano and I can't get a signal when I press record in garage band. it says one midi input detected. and I also tried to send the signal from channel 1 of my piano... I have a "midi in and midi out-usb" cable.

I tried configuring the Midi-audio setup utility but that didnt seem to help either... I also tried changing the midi preferences in Garageband but that didnt help either. And I also used software instrument and the real instrument. ( I know its supposed to be software instrument) but both didnt work...

Anyone have an idea, what is wrong?

Mac Book Pro, Windows XP, Also using Bootcamp
Solved by HangTime on Dec 5, 2012 4:34 AM Solved

RaphBaumann wrote:


I have a "midi in and midi out-usb" cable.


is it pluged in correctly:



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