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Buongiorno come posso collegare il valore espresso in una cella in una tabella diversa?

Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Hello Marionoce,


    You reference a cell in an external table by the following syntax:


    SheetName :: TableName :: Cell


    If the external table is on the same Sheet, SheetName may be omitted.


    If the external TableName is Unique in the Document, SheetName may be omitted.


    To reference Cell "B2" in Table "Data", in a Document where there is no other table named "Data", you would write:


    =Data :: B2


    Or, if you were using the reference inside another function, it might look like this:


    =ROUND(Data::B2, 2)





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    Hello Jerrold,

    thank you for reply , but your post don't solve my problem,

    i would like to explain better the problem:

    i have a document that have the function to estimate my product, in the first table ( in the second page) i have my software products and at the and of this table there is the Total ammount, in the next page i have another table whith the hardware products whith the same property. at the and of my doc i have another table, in this table i wont the value that i have in the first and in the second, so in this table i see the total ammount sw/hw.

    best regards


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    I apologize for my incorrect reply. I should have said that Pages does not have the ability to do external table references. If you must do external table references you can do that in Numbers. I failed to notice that your question came to me in the Pages discussion area instead of Numbers.


    A workaround in Pages is to construct your document so that you have only one large, Inline, table. You can format this one table to appear as multiple smaller tables if you carefully remove some of the cell border lines and insert the text in these borderless cells that you would have preferred to put between the separate tables.



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    Thank u so much Jerrold for your fast reply, it a good idea, probably i do !!!!! but after all it's important, for me, that Pages it's ability to do .

    the other ( world/writer) can do , so i'm obliged to use different sw/app on my ipad.

    i hope the apple ability this property .

    thank you for all