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Hi all,

Has anyone encountered a problem where having returned from abroad the iphone 5 icloud calendar no longer sync's with Outook 2007 on desktop?


Running latest software and update s applied. (IOS, Itunes and Service packs)


Comments would be appreciated.




iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1, running exchange 2003
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    Never has... unless you are using the iCloud Control Panel installed on the computer to act as an intermediary. 


    Or did you mean that the Outlook calendar is not syncing to the iPhone (not iCloud) calendar?

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    Hi vdub


    The problem now appears to be that the entire exchange account no longer syncs with the phone. iCloud contol panel is loaded onto desktop. So whilst others with iphone 4s work happily on same exchnage server 2003 and both appointments and emails being pushed correctly; on this iphone 5, originally two appointments were not pushed when phone was overseas and now nothing will sync. I have deleted and recreated the exchange account on the phone, unfortunately to no avail. So now, no mail and no or calendar entries!!


    Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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    If syncing via Exchange, there is no need or purpose for the iCloud Control Panel to be installed.  Outlook and the iPhone both sync directly to the Exchange server.


    Does email for this account work on the iPhone?

    Are the login credentials for the account correct?

    Is the device being blocked by the Exchange administrators?

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    Hi again,


    Quick update, the emails are now syncing - but still no calendar entries.