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I have been asked to implement filevault on some laptops.


The laptops are a mix of 10.6.x and 10.8.x, so Faile Vault will be original and V2 implementations.


Acounts on the laptops are Open Directory-based Mobile accounts (from 10.6.x server).



If an employee leaves the company, will an administrator still be able to retrieve their data without knowing the user's password?


Is this the case for both original FIle Vault and File Vault 2?







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    FileVault is a form of encryption. There is no way to access encrypted data of any kind without knowing a password.


    A legacy FileVault can be unlocked either with the user's password or with the master password that was set in the Security preference pane. A FileVault 2 boot volume can be unlocked with the password of any of the local users authorized to do so.