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Several times a week the internet "disappears" on my iPhone 5.  My wife and another co-worker also have the same problem.  Restoring my Network Settings corrects the problem until it happens again.  I've gone to the AT&T store where they replaced my SIM card but the problem continued.  I took it to the Apple store last week but they don't think that it's a hardware issue.


Is anyone else having this problem?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    If you've already replaced the sim & reset network settings, there's really not much left to try, except restoring your phone as a new device in iTunes. However, given the fact that you, your wife & another person all have the same issue, I doubt the problem rests with your phones. I'd go to AT&T & get yet another sim. If the problem still exists, go to an Apple store...have them run diagnostics.