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I acquired an ipod touch 2nd generation from a friend, and they don't know what's wrong with it, and neither do I. I've tried all the tricks by pressing the home and power buttons, plugging it into itunes, trying to restore it, etc.

When I try to plug it in, it'll power up to the apple logo, and then reset, so all I ever see is the apple logo and it won't go any further. I can get it into restore mode, but when I hit restore in itunes, I get an error.

Also, it doesn't actually power on unless it's plugged in, so this led me to believe it was a battery issue maybe?

I have no idea if it was ever jailbroken, or how it was used. It has some cracks in the screen, but does power on when plugged in, so it's not COMPLETELY broken.

Any ideas?

iPod touch
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    You said: I get an error. What did the error message say?

    Yes it could be a bad battery or something else too.

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    It'll pretend like it's going through the process and say "Preparing iPod for restore..." for a while, then it will give the say "The iPod could not be restored. An unknown error occured (1604)."

    I don't know anything about the internals of apple products, so I don't know if it's a battery issue. It shuts off immediately after it's unplugged. If it is a battery issue, can it be replaced? Or is it total garbage?

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    Error 1604

    This error is often related to USB timing. Try changing USB ports, using a different dock connector to USB cable, and other available USB troubleshooting steps (troubleshooting USB connections. If you are using a dock, bypass it and connect directly to the white Apple USB dock connector cable. If the issue persists on a known-good computer, the device may need service.

    If the issue is not resolved by USB isolation troubleshooting, and another computer is not available, try these steps to resolve the issue:

    1. Connect the device to iTunes, confirm that the device is in Recovery Mode. If it's not in Recovery Mode,put it into Recovery Mode.
    2. Restore and wait for the error.
    3. When prompted, click OK.
    4. Close and reopen iTunes while the device remains connected.
    5. The device should now be recognized in Recovery Mode again.
    6. Try to restore again.

    If the steps above do not resolve the issue, try restoring using a known-good USB cable, computer, and network connection.

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    I tried all of the above, using the cable that I use for my iPhone every day, in each of my USB slots. I tried keeping it plugged it, and restarting iTunes, and restoring. Did the same thing but with error code 1611. And then the iPod eventually went to the charging battery screen, and I left it for a while, and an hour later, the battery hasnt gone up at all, and it still turns off when I disconnect it. I guess it's safe to assume it's some kind of battery thing?

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    One loast try

    Error 1611

    This error typically occur when security software interferes with the restore and update process. FollowTroubleshooting security software issues to resolve this issue. In rare cases, this error may be a hardware issue. If the errors persist on another computer, the device may need service.