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what is the more economical hardware for backup of stuff on laptop

during an upgrade from Tiger to Leopard 10.6 ?


I have a 4G memory stick.  The laptop is only 1 G.

Can I put all the applications and content on the memory stick ?

MacBook Pro, iOS 4.3.3
  • Limnos Level 8 (46,035 points)

    Don't confuse RAM "memory" which is temporary memory on chips with hard drive file storage.  Even with Tiger you have a lot more files than 1 GB.  If you have very, very modest use you might be able to use a flash drive.  If you're a regular user you could have tens if not hundreds, if not possibly even thousands of GB.


    Don't think of this in terms of temporary backup.  You want a long-term backup solution.  Your computer drive could fail at any time, it's just a bit more risky something unpleasant will happen when you are upgrading (not drive failure but bad file rearranging).


    Look into getting an external hard drive.  I cannot recommend a particular model but there are good and bad ones for Macs.  It's a slightly complex topic.  If you want to play it safe, go with a vendor such as OWC or www.macsales.com Personally I would make sure the drive they put inside the enclosure is a Western Digital model and go with at least a blue or even a black.  Yes it is more costly but if you get a good one then likely the external drive may last through several computer generations for you.

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    My only addition to Limnos' excellant advice I would add is to implement a backup system all the time not just during uogrades. While it is true that during major projects like upgrades there is a greater chance for data lose, the possibility of data lose is always there.


    Rule of IT. Lose of data is a certainty. The only question is when.


    So get an external drive and implement a backup plan to protect your data.



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    I appreciate that this is excellent advice.

    I'll do it if I find the money.

    FYI I'd like to be on record

    knock on my wooden head

    that in 30 years of using Macs,

    (without any backup except an occasional CD)

    I haven't lost anything yet.

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    I read the Word page.  It doesn't address my question.


    This Mac (MacBook Pro with OS X  10.4.11) has Word for Mac for 2003

    which I installed from discs purchased when I was using a desktop G3.

    Since I will be installing OS Leopard, at the insistence of Firefox and Google,

    I have to deal with Word.  The only difficulties I ever have with using my

    computer is what Word will and won't do and when. 

    So I'm groping the net to learn what to do.

    It appears I can download a more current Word, free.  Is that true?

    Or will I run into a payment page halfway through ?

    The community Word page has a few complaints about some version of Word

    on Lion.  So the questions are:


    Is the internet still as Word dependent as I think it is, or are Google docs or

    some Mac programs (that come with the system)  as  Portable  between platforms ?


    What is recent Community experience with Word for Mac ?


    To repeat:  Is it free ?  Does it work ?  Is there anything that works as well or better ?

  • Allan Eckert Level 8 (49,660 points)

    TTBOMK Word updates are not free.


    Try OpenOffice. It is free and it works.



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    I bought My Passport 2 TB from Costco because I can return it easily

    if I can't make it work.  Package says it has to be reformatted for Mac OS.

    How do I do that ?

    Will it format itself when it meets the laptop as, I believe, a CD does ?


    The laptop presently has a lot of debris i'll never use.

    The new OS will have its own useless stuff.

    And advice about that ?

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    Thanks Allan.

    Check that page to see if you think it would have helped.


    I am getting customized help at Tiger to Leopard

    from noondaywitch in the UK.


    I'd link you to our dialogue if I knew how.

    I'm sure you could find it if you wished.


    I bought a WD 2T Passport and it is present use.

    As I reported to ndw  I think I should erase my Mac HD now

    to install Snow Leopard.


    I'll wait  a few minutes   to learn whether anyone says not to.

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    The upgrade is complete.  Passport is loaded. I turned Time Machine off.

    Presently I am imagining alternating between Passport and the internal Hard Drive.

    I haven't tried to print from Snow Leopard yet.


    I suppose it's against the rules to let someone else use the disc.