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I have an iphone 4s that Iam setting up a pop3 network solutions email accout on, i have the same account setup on another iphone 4 and an ipad2 both work fine.  The iphone 4s will also send email without issue.  The new iphone 4s will add the account identical to the other devices and fetch the mail on the initial setup, but if I request to fetch mail after that it appears to be fetching themail but my test messages never are retreived?  I receive them on both other devices setup identically to the iphone in question.  I have since updated to IOS 6.0.1 in the attempt to correct the issue and deleted the account before the upgrade and re-added the account in after the upgrade.  everything works fine on the phone but this?  I have setup other accounts such as my gmail account and it works just fine.  I have also added my other network solutions account under the same domain and it works fine for some reason it is tied to this email account alone.  Any ideas or suggestions...



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    UPdate:  I tested the account on my android phone it worked fine. I then tested the same account on a friends iPhone 4 and it was the same results as the iPhone 4S. Reset phone to factory and restored the phone still same issue but it is only related to the one email account from Network Solutions. I have more than one account on the same domain but it only effects this one email address. I then called NS support we ran through a bunch of tests with same results. The only way you could get the account to pull new email was to email the account from the phone to the phone. Super weird. I did find a work around but not a fix. I downloaded sparrow email client and it works fine. Not sure what was up with this but thought I would share 



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    I have the exact same problem and I also would like some suggestions as to what should be done.


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    If you are trying to set up a POP account on multiple devices, you are going to encounter connection problems because POP accounts are designed to only be accessed by a single client at a time. If you try from more than one, they can lock up access. I would also double check the account and make sure all user name and passwords are set up for both the incoming server and the SMTP server.