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Hi all. 


I'm almost ready to toss this iPhone out the window but thought I should bring my problems to the community first.  Who knows....perhaps someone else has had this issue.

So after the last iOS push to 6.0.1 (10A523) I have been unable to access any of my email accounts.  (I have a gmail acct, yahoo acct, & a couple of domain pop accounts....nothing fancy or complicated).   I'm in the network services space, so I can get around fairly well w/ server/desktop/laptop/mobile devices so if you respond feel free to be as technical like. 


So here are the basic facts surrounding the problem that started with the latest iOS push:


  • Accessing mail app = device pauses/hangs for @ 3 seconds and drops me back to the main iPhone screen.
  • Accessing "Settings" = device immediately drops me back to the main iPhone screen.
  • Settings + General + Reset + Erase All Content and Settings = standard reset/reboot process, standard device setup, + restore from back-up = device restores to previous device condition including mail app showing 10 messages (as it has shown since this became an issue), and I am back at square 1 and can not access mail, can not access mail through settings etc.