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OK, I am lost. For about a year, my Vizio DVD player was plugged into my Express via ethernet, and through the Express used as a network extender to my Extreme. I could access all the online content offered through the player with no issues. Then I took a trip and brought the Express with me because my hotel didn't have wifi, only hardline. When I got home, I reconnected the Express (don't get me started on how difficult it was to get THAT connection working again). When I plugged the DVD player in via ethernet, it would not connect to the network. When I check for clients using the Airport utility, it doesn't see the player, though it sees the Express the player is plugged into.


My network is set for WPA2 access, no MAC filtering. I have tried every setting on the Extreme and the Express, changed ethernet cables, tried manually assigning an IP to teh player - no joy. Thoughts?

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