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So I have had this problem before, and it as returned since moving my Mac Mini around the house using WiFi, but basically I am using ethernet to connect to my Modem/Router, and it will not connect to the internet but all other devices in my house will. Last time I asked this question, one of the replies fixed it, but trying them all again doesnt seem to fix it this time.


What I have tried -


Restarting Router and Mac

Resetting PRAM

Ping google.com

Reinstalling Mountain Lion

Other random bits I can't remember


Also, somehow I cant remember how but I have totally messed up and now my mouse will only right click and it wont let me change this, all I have is my wired Apple mouse which the cord is waaaay to short to use.


Any tips/help is much appreciated


Thank you,



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.5)