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ok when I went to settings Bell told me to turn them off cause I was over my data usage so they were off I am now with Koodo they said I got 2 gigs of  data per month. what does siri do exactly and what does the cellular do on my settings thanks and should  they be on or off if I am concerned of over use? when the cellular is on I see koodo 3G it says also may drain battery quicker as well.

iPhone 4S
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    1. When you say to turn off cellular, what exactly do you mean?  Where are you looking to turn it off.


    2. Siri is the digital assistant.   When you command Siri, it sends data to a server which sends a reply that Siri understands... User input > audio sent to apple server > audio processed > reply sent to iPhone > Siri performs requested action.



    Using Siri for anything transfers data both from your phone, and then back to it, using a bit of data.   It isn't a lot, but turning it off, you still have the old fashioned voice commands