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Why might this be happening? It can't connect to the outgoing mail server for hotmail when at home. I didn't change anything, it just did it. Odd thing is, if I go into work with my MBP the mail can send but not receive. So to get my mail I need to be at home and to send it i have to go to work. It's not the server addresses I've checked with hotmail. I've gone through the apple help online and it just sends me to a list i should ask my ISP. Not really a good answer as it's not the ISP, or hotmail, it's Apples Mail. I know this cos I take it into differnt places, different ISPs. Same thing happens. IT IS MAIL, but nobody knows why?


Been at this for a week with no idea what the problem is.


Should I just reset Mail? I don't really know how this is done but it's not the best solution....or is it?



MBP 13" 2010

Snow Lep

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.8)