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I recently switched from WEP security on my Verizon wireless router to WPA2. Been having fits with connected printers disappearing and recently I've been unable to connect between my 3 local Macs. Couldn't figure anything out, rebooting computers, printers and router didn't help. Just now I switched back to WEP and all is well  -- printers are seen and Mac to Mac sharing is fine.

Does anyone know if this is a WPA2 problem, a verizon router problem or an OSX problem? It's not essential, but I'd like to go back to WPA2.

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), plus MBP and iMac
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    Sounds like a router problem.

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    Thanks for the input. For the time being I think it is solved; I contacted actiontec (router mfr) and they offered


    Try logging into the unit\click the Advanced icon\click on the IGMP Proxy settings\Set to Disable\Apply and then check.

    The router doesn't have any programming for file\printer sharing or does it have a LAN firewall of any kind, the programming for LAN firewall protection does not exist."


    Since it was already was disabled the next step was to try a MediaLink router I had purchased earlier. It is tied to the Actiontec LAN (Actiontec has an integral cable modem), set up WPA2 mixed, and so far have moved three wireless Macs, two ethernet printers, one wireless printer, and four iphones and ipads. Hopefully, nothing will disappear. If I'm feeling adventurous I'll transfer the AppleTV, the Roku box, and the DirectTV boxes in a few days.


    Thanks for focusing my options.