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eaglestenz Level 1 Level 1

Just downloaded latest get error message saying: "New iTunes Library." when I try to open iTunes.

  • nynowlan Level 1 Level 1

    How did you resolve this issue?  I am having the same problem.

  • TonyThom Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem. I simply uninstalled 11 completely off my computer. Then went to and re-downloaded it. In your music folder there is a folder "iTunes"  and in there a sub folder named "Previous iTunes Library." When you uninstall iTunes from your computer this folder remains put and is what retains your music library when you re download and install iTunes.


    I never use playlists so I wouldnt know if your playlists are saved.

    This is how it worked for me, I'm sure there are other solutions to the problem but this is the route I took. Hope this helps!

  • turingtest2 Level 9 Level 9

    Would you mind posting a screenshot of the error message? I've seen it mentioned a few times but I've not seen it myself. There is a possibilty that renaming the current library file and then copying and renaming an older one in the manner set out below will allow iTunes to open properly.





  • evangelina111 Level 1 Level 1


    When you click the error message's OK, iTunes closes itself.


    Thanks for the help. Going to go try the suggestions.

  • turingtest2 Level 9 Level 9

    Hmm, what order is that happening in? Were you connecting the iPhone, which then triggered iTunes into trying to open, which then triggered the "New iTunes Library" error?  Or was iTunes up and running when you plugged in the iPhone?



  • Marabou Muddler Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem.  All I tried to do was open the program by clicking on the iTunes icon.

  • Bama Buck Level 1 Level 1

    I went in like I was going to uninstall iTunes and clicked on "Repair" instead.  This fixed the problem.

  • Marabou Muddler Level 1 Level 1

    I tried that twice, but it did not work.

  • Appletini6 Level 3 Level 3

    so then uninstall, and reinstall. something went wrong with the install process.



    There are 2 fixes by Microsoft, review the link below.


  • darklydrawl Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I got this error too (New iTunes Library) when I was rolling back to Version 10, I found that you have to 'repair' iTunes under the windows control panel (Programs)  to get it to work properly, or at least that was my experience.  Here is a copy of a post I made earlier on how to fix this issue.


    <snip...> however If you have the same experience I had you are likely to get an "New Library Error" msgbox with just an OK button on it.  You press ok and nothing happens.  Not promising- but there is a fix.


    Next step is to go to the control panel - programs (where you would if you wanted to manually uninstall a program) and find the entry for iTunes.  Right mouse click on it and choose Repair.


    Now Windows will go off an do it's thing - this took about 3 minutes for me.


    Now you can open iTunes.  You wil notice that all your music and lists are now gone, but don't panic.  Close iTunes.


    Go to the iTunes folder on your c drive and find > iTunes > Previous iTunes Libraries > ......


    find the file "iTunes Library YYYY-MM-DD.itl" that has the latest date BEFORE you update to iTunes 11 if you are reinstalling v10, I would think you should use a later version if you have this issue with V11.  Don't use a version 11 dated library for Version 10, or visa versa or it won't work, copy this file into your iTunes folder (so up one folder level) and rename it "iTunes Library.itl" (replacing the existing file - I usually rename it iTunes Library_OLD.itl)


    Now restart iTunes and all your music and lists should be restored.

    That is what worked for me.  As always - approach with care.  Your milage may vary.

  • EAR POD Level 1 Level 1

    I had the new itunes 11 for a week and then that happened. (IF YOU HAVE WINDOWS 7 AND GOOGLE CROME)

    1. control pannle go to uninstall a program and uninstall itunes

    2. Now go to and download itunes (using google crome)

    3. now go threw all the registration stuff

    4. Now when it opens all your stuff SHOULD be there

    ________________________________________________________________________________ _______________



  • EAR POD Level 1 Level 1


  • GalinMcMahon Level 1 Level 1

    I'm getting this now, too.  I had just installed v11 a few days ago.  Now when I try to open itunes, I get that message.  I really hope all of my settings are associated with my apple ID because I've been fine tuning my music collection for years and I'd be quite unhappy if everything got erased when I remove / reinstall itunes.

  • PhillipTx Level 1 Level 1

    darklydrawl ---   thank you for the detailed description!!  I was having the same error message.  I did the "repair" but couldn't open iTunes after that; because, I then started getting the "  iTunes Library.itl "  error message. 


    I had used MS restore point a few days ago, and the restore point apparently reverted me to iTunes 10.  So, iTunes wouldn't open (giving me the error message that my library had been created with a newer (iTunes 11) version of iTunes). 


    So, I renamed the " iTunes Library.itl " file to "old" as you suggested and then copied (and renamed) my prior library to the iTunes folder just as you recommended.  Then I was able to open iTunes.  But, I had downloaded a lot of music since the prior library was created, so new music wasn't showing up.


    As I write this reply, I'm currently downloading iTunes 11... and when that is finished and installed, I'll delete the " iTunes Library.itl " file and then rename the "old" version back to ITunes Library.itl.  I believe that will completely restore my music files. 


    Thanks again for your details description.  It has helped me understand how the file systems work and how to fix my problem.

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