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I set my new Airport Express using an ehernet cable to my cable modem. My dauaghter can now Wi-Fi into mt computer to access the internet.  Great.

However, I now have no portability of the new AE to another room so I can listen to online radio through connected connected speakers.


I thought I could simply use my old AE for accomplish this as I had before.  But, if I set the old AE in another room and check off my Old AE on the pull down menu, I cannot get the internet.


Please tell me how to set up my new AE so I can use both AEs, although I assume not at the same time.

24, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Is the "Old" AirPort Express a 1st generation 802.11n or an even older 802.11g model? Would your goal be to use the "Old" Express for just iTunes streaming or to extend the wireless range of the new base station? ... or both?

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    Old AE model #A1264.


    Just iTunes streaming.


    Is there a way to put a "receiver" in the other room so I can plug my speakers into it?

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    Ok, thanks for the update. The A1264 is the 1st generation 802.11n AirPort Express Base Station (AXn). You can configure it for iTunes streaming per the following Apple Support article. In this configuration, it will join the wireless network provided by the other AirPort via wireless connection. You can then stream from any Mac or PC.


    You can place this base station in any room, but it will need to relatively close to the audio receiver or powered speakers as it will need an audio cable connection between the base station and any one of these devices.

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    Thanks, I will try that.  I am assuming the connection to online talk radio is the same as connection to iTunes streaming.

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    If the talk radio is one one the radio stations available through iTunes then yes. If it is an Internet radio station that you get via a web browser or a dedicated application then you would need a third-party application like Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil to stream this audio source.

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    Where my efforts stand to add the old AE to the new network:

    Thanks for the assistance.


    There has been a lot of back and forth as to progress.  It seems my chief trouble came from what is the name of my new network.  I have seen four different network names.  I have settled on one, as this is the one showing in Preferences>Network.  My new network, correctly named, now shows on the Wi-Fi pulldown.  The internet appears on both my computer and my daughter's client laptop.


    However, my old base station has regressed to appearing on AirPort Utility, but with a blinking amber light (as is the plugged in old AE blinking amber).  I cannot "Configure Other" with the old AE's IP and password, or with the new networks password.  It only yields and error message.  I have tried the reset button, no change.


    How can I reconfigure the old AE, also making it a part of the new network?


    PS:  I have the new AE and the old AE connected by ethernetcable.  Is this necessary?


    PSS:  I have Airfoil.

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    Well, all is well, I guess.  I still have the blinking amber light  (except now every fifth blink is first green and then immediatelly amber).  Nonetheless my old AE is now fully working (with Airfoil) as a remote, streaming online talk radio. I can live with the blinking light on my old AE.   Also, I am getting internet, as well is my daughter with her laptop client.  So all is well.  Thanks for the help.


    PS:  I, of course, have disconnected the the ethernet cable between the two AEs.

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    The light is now a steady green.