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I have a windows 2000 server and we can't mount disk we need to operate (Old expensive soft) on 10.8 desktop. Are we going to be able to do it (smb:) if we upgrade to our windows server version to 2003 server?


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    My guess is that the path you are trying to map is something like smb://servername/sharename$/folder1/folder2. Try creating a new share that points directly to folder2. So that you can map directly to smb://servername/sharename$ and access the software.


    That's the issue we had. Our problem mappings were something like smb://servername/sharename$/folder1/folder2 and our users had permissions to folder2 but not folder1 or the folder mapped to sharename$. Changing the permissions on folder1 and the folder mapped to sharename$ wasn't an option because that would affect other things. But creating new shares that point directly to folder2 allowed our Mac users into the folders they needed access to.