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My wife's iphone has iOS 3.1.3 (I know it should have been updated long before now).  She used her phone for her previous job which she synced her contacts and calendar to their exchange server over the air.  Since she is no longer with them, she needs a way to back up this calendar data from her phone.  We have Outlook 2010 at home if that helps.  I have tried to do some research on how to do this, but I am unsure if I sync with outlook if the calendar data will be overwritten with the blank calendar data that is in the outlook calendar.  Also, if I delete the exchange server on here phone so I no longer get a warning message in iTunes, will she still have all of her calendar data?  She isn't on a high enough iOS to consider using iCloud and I'm unsure if I upgrade the iOS without first doing this sync if she'll have all her data when everything is migrated and restored.  Her life is in this calander, so we need to figure out a way to get it backed up and synced somehow.



iPhone 3GS, iOS 3.1.3