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Hello apple community,


Last week i installed an version of windows 7 trough bootcamp, everything was running fine i could easely switch between mac os x (lion) and windows 7.

After I restarted my macbook pro i could only chose (when i pressd cmd + r ) windows. when i tryed to start this windows i didn't worked,

I have tryed to fix this trough the utilities and the disk help program ( in dutch called schijfhulpprogamma) then i saw that the drive partion where my os x lion was installed was changd too FAT (windows hard drive filesystem) and the recovery partion on my macbook was changed too FAT as well.


I tryed to re instal os x after this following the steps on the recovery but it didn't worked because mac didnt reconised the filesystem (FAT) so mac os x can't find the hard drive at this moment i can't instal mac or start windows 7 on my mac book and i am despirate to find an solution for my problem.


Possible trigger:


The windows instalation just automaticly updated and i saw this when i was shutting down my windows when it worked for the last time it was configurating the updates.

My guess is that the update's of windows changed the partion of the mac os x to FAT


Has anyone an solution for my problem ?


(also i checked the hard ware trough the re instalation of mac os x i just can't get any further then the part where i have to select the drive i want to instal mac os x on)


Best regards



MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), Windows 7, I use mac OS X standard for my Mac
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    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities


    Make a backup of your data on Windows because the hard drive will be erased.


    1. Press Command and R keys when your Mac starts and open Disk Utility.


    2. Select the hard disk in the sidebar, go to Erase tab, choose in Format Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and erase the disk.


    3. Install OS X