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hi there

i lost my iphone 4 on holiday when i came home i got a i5 so i done a icloud backup and it didnt put on my pictures or messages but it did my callender and contacts is there any way i can get these


many thanks terry

iPhone 5
Solved by randers4 on Dec 5, 2012 2:43 PM Solved

Did you restore to the iCloud backup of your iPhone 4?

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    Did you restore to the iCloud backup of your iPhone 4?

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    I did as it gave me all my callender and contacts but for some reason no pics or messages is there another way to get them back.when I look into icloud back up and storage it shows my old phone with 4.7gb and my new phone it says 714 mb so I'm unsure what this means

    Many thanks terry

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    Did you restore to a backup or simply sign back into the same iCloud account?

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    I did a backup to my computer which dated back to april 2011 then I signed into my icloud account and it gave me my contacts and callender

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    Your camera roll photos, messages and certain other data are stored in your backup.  Signing into your iCloud account will not restore these to your phone.  You have to restore the backup to your phone to recover these, then sign into your iCloud account to access you contacts and calendar.  If the backup is on your computer (rather than iCloud), connect your phone to iTunes, then right-click on the name of your phone on the left side (if you're using iTunes 11 first go to View>Sidebar) and choose Restore from Backup, then choose the backup of your old phone to restore to.  After restoring your backup, sign back into your iCloud account and turn your data syncing back on, and when prompted, choose Merge.


    If your most recent backup of your old phone is in iCloud, the process is different.  If it is, let me know and I'll give you the proper steps to restore to your iCloud backup.

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    I can't thank you enough for this help, my most recent stuff is stored in icloud can u tell me the steps to recover this way

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    You're welcome.  Restoring to an iCloud backup has to be done in the initial iPhone setup process.  If you have any data on your phone now that is not in the backup that you want to save (other than the contacts and calendar, which are on iCloud) you'll need to do that first.  When you're ready,go to Settings>General>Reset and tap Erase All Content and Settings, which will erase the phone.  You will then go through the setup screens as you did when the phone was new. When given the option, choose Restore from iCloud Backup (see image below).  Be sure you are connected to wifi and your charger as this will take some time to finish.  Just so you know what to expect, this is from an Apple support document:

    After your device restarts, your settings and accounts are restored and Backup starts downloading your purchased music, TV shows, apps, books, Camera Roll, and other content*. You may be prompted to enter the passwords for all accounts enabled on your device.

    A progress bar will appear underneath the apps that are being downloaded. To prioritize the restore of a specific app, tap its icon. Restore will attempt to download the same version of the app that you had installed previously. If that version is no longer available, the latest version of the app will be restored.


    Restore from iCloud Backup.png

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    Omgggg u are a legend thank you ever so much I've got all my pics back of my little boy which was worth more to me than any phone ,I phoned apple services and they didn't tell me what u have so once again thank you terry

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    You're very welcome, glad I could help.  I also recommend that you regularly import your photos to your computer for safekeeping rather than relying on your backup.  You can do this easliy, as described here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4083.

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    Do you think you could help me?

    I had to do a restore on my last phone and also lost pictures and videos (of my child and pets) as well as contacts and messages (not as important) and was told to set it up as a new phone to fix the problem I was having at the time.  I'm sure I did something wrong and I did not get them back.

    So, according to what is showing in storage, they are still hanging out there in the Cloud....BUT I now have a new iPhone.

    Any suggestions on how to get them back?

    I've been sick over them.  I have Photo Stream turned on so some were on my iPad but some were from before that was available and videos don't transfer, nor do they upload automatically when I upload my pictures to my laptop for some reason...and I had over 100 that I know of.

    I would be so grateful if you know of a way I could get them back!!


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    I'll try.  Your camera roll photos and videos, as well as messages should be in your iCloud backup.  Your contacts may not be.  Try restoring your iCloud backup to see if you can recover them.  To do this you have to start by erasing the phone, then go back through the initial setup screens to access your iCloud backup.  If there is anything on your phone now that you want to save (such as photos and videos) be sure to do that first.  Photos and videos can be imported to your computer as outlined here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4083.


    When you're ready, go to Settings>General, Reset and tap Erase All Content and Settings.  Then go through the setup screens on the phone, and when given the option choose Restore From iCloud Backup (as shown in the image posted above).  Make sure you phone is connected to wifi and your charger as this may take a while to complete (especially if the backup contains a number of videos).


    For you contacts, go to icloud.com on your computer and sign into your iCloud account.  Then tap on Contacts and see if your contacts are still there.  If they are, after you're done restoring to your backup go to Settings>iCloud and confirm that your iCloud account is set up, then turn Contacts (and any other data you want to sync with your account) to On, and when prompted, choose Merge.  This will download your contacts and other data back to your phone.  If the contacts are no longer on icloud.com and are not restored from your backup, you will have to rely on some other backup source to recover these.

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    Renders4, I think you are a really good helper for IOS problems. It would be an honour if you could help me out in a serious problem. Thanks alot


    Please help me out