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iTunes Match has been more of a hassle to use since I signed up for it than it's been benefit..


aside from previous issues with synching with iTunes...


Now with the latest iTunes update (11) I had songs doubly listed in my albums, I lost the icon to download things from the cloud that were missing, and playlists don't sync properly..


Also, mandatory Genius playlists on my iPad are a pain in the ***..


On my mobile devices (iPhone 4s and iPad 3) I am going to back to old school synching because for every hour I have to sit around fixing issues Apple should pay me $25 as a reasonable rate for my frustration with their lack of beta/proper testing of their software...


UGH, so frustrating.


I feel bad for the Apple community in whole.  So much wasted time because we want to use products that are supposed to make life more simple.


Apple, Get it together!  I want to use your products!  I seriosuly have thought about jumping ship.